Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First post in a long while....

I have to admit this year has had some very unexpected twists and turns. It is already July and I haven't even created one ball jointed doll this year! That is so not like me! I have been swamped with Alice in Wonderland orders, so I have not been able to create my own side pieces very much. I had wanted to at least sculpt one elaborate sculpture a month, but have not completed one since February. I do have many ideas and projects started.. I just haven't had the time to complete them.
 I have completed two 1:12 scale miniature sculpts finally!  It seemed like forever to finish them.. my Teacup mermaid is now listed on Ebay but I have just listed my bathing fairy this morning.Because of the 4th coming up, I have decided to run a special on both! I am selling each for a very low price... only until 4th of July.. then they go back up to regular price of $249.99 each.The links to each piece will be above their picture below. ...
Now I did want to mention I had posted I had made 3 Steampunk style ball jointed dolls.. or they were in the works, a few months ago... it has taken me months to get these pieces finished but they are very elaborate and detailed! I have already posted and sold the first which was my mini Steampunk BJD.. . but still have two very detailed dolls to post. I have really taken my time with these two and they are pretty much one of a kind because of all the details I have added to each doll. I cannot wait to share the two when competed which I am hoping will be by this weekend!
I will post pictures as soon as they are ready! For now.. please click onto the listing links below to view they great offer I am offering for each of these minis!Will keep ya posted! 

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