Wednesday, December 2, 2015

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I hope your holiday season is going well for you!
I have some great deals for this season to take advantage of.. as well as new listings of special orders!
I have some great sales that rarely happen! Savings up to 50% off!
These pieces are on Ebay right now!
I will show a picture of each deal below with a direct link to their listing below their picture!

First, although it is not showing sale, you are getting a huge savings.... my Bella doll is currently up for sale through Ebay for a great price! I am selling her plus 3 wigs and a dress for only $499.99!
This is a total of $280.00 in savings!

FOR THE SECOND PIECE,... I have my last Inkwell fairy that is available for 50% off!
I made a total of 3 and this is the last one at a steal of a price! Link Below!

I have one made Mock Turtle available at 50% off! This is very rare for me to have a piece already made waiting to ship as I usually make these pieces to order... I will not list a piece for this kind of discount very often . Please note this is only for the one piece listed as completed. Special orders are full price when completed

So those are the sales! .. 

Hope you find something you cannot live without!
Wishing you a magical season! 

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