Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Faery and Inkwell

 I would like to introduce to you my latest piece available as a special edition! Let me tell you how this piece first came about... a few years back I created a miniature art sculpture of an Inkwell Fairy. This piece was loved by a lot of people... so I decided to create a different rendition with one of my miniature 5.5 inch ball jointed dolls.

 I haven't had my mini dolls for sale lately as I had to remold them... The molds are finally complete and I am able to create my minis once again!  With fresh beautiful molds at my disposal, I wanted to create this special edition piece which we named                                                                      
                                                       "The Faery & the Inkwell"

...the little faery measures approx 5.5 inches tall (not including her hair and wreathe) She is fully jointed and cast in a beautiful translucent resin. She is hand painted and sealed with UV sealers.  The beautiful letter was written by my wonderful mother! The letter itself was treated to have that aged feel to it. The Inkwell and base is made in resin and painted in faux gold and touched with gold leaf.

This special edition set includes, Mini Fairy with magnetic wings, skirt, necklace, wreathe, armbands, letter, resin inkwell and handmade stand for your mini.
Take a look through the pictures below.... they will tell the story. (:

 Inkwell cast in resin

Faery Footprints!

Hand painted footprints painted in Ink!

So small she can fit in your hand!

Just a little over 5.5 inches with her hair and wreathe

Each one of my pieces are handmade by me. Although very close to each other, each one is hand painted and each body is hand dyed..  My pieces do not go to factories to be cast. They are all made in my art studio in my home.. with love. (:

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