Friday, April 10, 2015

Sample of how a doll can change with a simple eye and wig change!

I have showed pictures of my new girls and past girls for that matter, with a wig change.. but not with an eye color change.. its amazing how different they can look!
The Model featured is named Tamsin.. and is already Sold...Clothing by Shari Depp

The first Tamsin is where a red mohair wig and golden brown handmade eyes ...

Below.. she wears the same wig.. but with Emerald Green handmade eyes!

With a change of a wig and eye color, Tamsin transforms into a blonde, blue eyed beauty...
she looks so different!

and again.. with just a wig change she has a completely new look!
Its even neat to see the colors on her face almost change with the lighting because of these differences..

I do accept commissions! 
And be on the lookout for Eventide coming in resin soon!

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