Friday, March 27, 2015

Prices and detailed pictures of the new girls! (:

Pricing is shown for each doll at the end of their pictures. Dolls will be sold through Etsy unless purchased direct via my email: 

Clothing will be available through our Etsy shop. All dolls come with removable handmade eyes. Or if you choose you can have them permanent.
Each doll is sueded and strung with elastic. They pose wonderfully and are very light!
Each are hand cast in resin by me.. painted and sealed. Head caps have magnets for easy removal.
all dolls come with basic Tibetan mohair wig.. (not shown)
Extra long mohair wigs and rococo wigs sold separate.If you scroll clear down at the bottom you will see comparison shots of my girl with other popular fashion bjd dolls!

Shri is wearing an amazing rococo mermaid costume by Shari Depp. Sold through Etsy 
Shri is priced at $699.00 plus shipping sold nude.. Rococo wig is priced at $65.00

Shakti is shown in these pictures undressed to show you her body paint... The dress she wears is handmade by Shari and is sold separate.
  Shakti comes with elaborate wig!...
because of her multiple arms and elaborate wig and body art.. she is a little bit more than the other girls..

 priced at $849.00 plus shipping.. sold nude.

Serene is shown as a fairy .. wings are removable and are sold separate as well as the head wreathe, wig and dragon.
Serene is priced at $699.00 plus shipping,
 sold nude. comes with basic Tibetan wig, (not shown)

Hand sculpted dragon can rest on arm or shoulder. He is a preview of my future resin dragon pets!
Dragon... $69.99 plus shipping SOLD

The Fairy wings are handmade by me.. a harness is based at the back and comes up over the shoulders so it rests easily. 
Fairy Wings priced at $65.00 plus shipping SOLD

Head wreathe handmade by me... covered in butterflies and ribbon!
priced at $20.00 plus shipping SOLD

Mademoiselle Whimsy is so shy to me.. I imagine her with a meek voice, and very kind...
She is wearing dresses handmade by Shari Depp. All clothing will be sold in Etsy store. 
Whimsy is priced at $699.00 plus shipping. sold nude. 
comes with basic Tibetan mohair wig (not shown) Extra long mohair wigs sold separate.

Extra long mohair wigs are priced at $50.00 each
Light blonde, brunette, pink and auburn are available.

Indigo is dressed in an amazing Rococo style mermaid costume handmade by Shari Depp. She wears an elaborate rococo ship with handmade by me
Indigo and costume is SOLD

Here are some comparison pictures to show my girls next to popular fashion bjd dolls

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