Thursday, March 26, 2015

First Set of pictures of New Spring Fantasy Line 2015

Well after taking tons of pictures.. I have finally something to show! I still have a lot of pictures to take because we have a lot of different looks to share with you! 
Here are some very unique creations ! Enjoy!
I want to share with you first and foremost.. My Goddess ~Shakti.. to me, signifies Feminine Empowerment  .. she has 6 arms.. fully jointed.. hand painted henna art, nose ring and elaborate wig. Costume handmade by Shari Depp and is a One of a Kind.

Next is my Mademoiselle Whimsy! She is very Whimsical! She wears handmade wings, and a gorgeous Ethereal gown by Shari Depp. Her pet dragon rests on her arm or shoulders..
This dragon is One of a kind, but it is a preview of what I will have for sale in resin!

I am going to turn to the darker side for a minute and introduce to you Indigo... you are only seeing her in two looks this evening but I will be adding more pictures tomorrow to show you the true inspiration on why I created Indigo in the first place... Shari has made some amazing costumes for these girls!  here just giving you a little taste for now...

Now.. to share with you Serene.. my big eyed beauty!
Serene is wearing another stunning gown from Shari Depp!

Last but not least... my lovely Shri! Classic Rococo!
Chair made by Shari Depp.. as well as the clothing!

Lots more pics tomorrow! 


  1. Charming beings! Thank you, Jennifer! My favourite one from this post is Indigo. I like it a lot, how her hands from the second pair rest on the armchair. I haven't yet seen such solution for this. Actually, it's the first time that I liked dolls with two and three pairs of hands.
    Indigo reminded me your doll Eventinda. Might it be, that's the same mold? And another question: are Indigo and Shri of the same mold as well?

    Elena Kurtik

  2. Yes It is the same mold! As well as Shri! I will be making Eventide available in resin soon!