Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BJD hands and head in progress sneak peek

Although still in their rough stage, I wanted to share my wip hands that will be used on my next BJDs. I am also working on 4 heads that will be shown in resin soon! 
 The first head is actually not new.... She was my first master head that was molded for my air dry slip casts. I named her Shrey ... I just love the expression on her face! She reminds me of the ladies of Mucha and Gibson! 
Now I will mold her in silicone and have her part of my resin line... Her new name being "Shri". 
    My second head is especially created with Alice in Wonderland as my main inspiration. She has teeth peeking from her lips! I am sure though I will be inspired to create other characters from this head.
    The third head is actually Madame Whimsy... Most do not know I created my first Madame Whimsy from a sketch I drew of a large eyed beauty with bow lips. Although I soft casted my new Madame Whimsy from the original mold.   I tweeked my newest head to have more of an essence of my drawing. I cannot wait to add glass eyes... Paint and wig her! She is going to be so much fun! 
   My last head I think will be very versatile! I can see her as a Pre Raphaelite maiden..fairy or goddess! 
      I am making huge progress and cannot wait to post my latest! In the meantime I will be listing my last 2 to 3 dolls from my first debut (Sasha and Catarina) after they are sold out I am retiring the head mold so when they are gone... They are gone! 
Will keep you posted! Xoxo 

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