Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Years News!

Well 2015 is fast approaching! New years is always an opportunity to start something new... and this year I have been planning for months! Although I wanted to share before the New year... I realized all of the obstacles I have had to hurdle over has given me a perfect time to debut my new 15 inch resin line in 2015!
My sister Shari and I have been working away in my laboratory where I am making my dolls comes to life. LOL    No wonder their are mad scientists! It makes you completely crazy!    I have tried different silicones for molds and different resins... and finally iI think I have found my answer!
I will be having 2 resin ball jointed dolls ready for sale around the first of 2015! They feature removable eyes and a magnetic head cap for easy access.

   I will have more head and hand options hopefully in January.. With that being said.. I am thrilled on how light these dolls are.. and they are very durable! So excited! It has taken such patience to find the right materials for my dolls! I could easily hand them off to a factory.. but I really wanted to be hands on when creating each doll.

Now on another note! I have a line of Alice talking flowers cast in resin.. coming available very soon! Each face was originally hand sculpted with the intent of giving them character and expression! I really love how they turned out.. they are my favorites to date! I hope to have them available just after Xmas!
I will keep you updated as I progress!
Happy Holidays!!!!

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  1. That’s true. Making your dolls by hand is way more exciting than just buying it pre-made. Not only can you make it more special; but you can also make sure that every doll is of the best quality at your disposal. Anyway. you have a great goal for the year. I hope you will achieve it all!

    Loretta Boronat @ My Sibling Dolls