Friday, November 28, 2014

Ball jointed doll resin line debuting soon!

Just a few weeks ago I debuted my miniature bjd resin line to all of you...they have been quite the success so I have decided to make the leap to create my 15 inch ball jointed dolls in resin as well!
Production is under way and I cannot wait to share these beauties!

A brand new feature coming with these resin girls!!..... You will be able to change out their eyes!!! Yay!!!  This is just the very beginning!!! Shari and I will be creating amazing things to go along with this new line as well as for the minis!
   Shari will be creating chairs and other pieces for the minis and gorgeous jewelry for the larger dolls.
   I will have different heads available that you can choose from... Different hands and feet as well!
I will be debuting these new girls hopefully within a week so be on the lookout! This is the beginning of our new creative venture! 😁

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