Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New 15.5 inch BJD's in resin.. coming soon!

For years now I have been studying and working on my Ball jointed dolls.. trying to improve them as I progress. My first BJDs were hand sculpted from polymer clay.. and although they were beautiful... no two were the same which limited me to the wigs you can get for them as well as the clothing. 
Then I found air dry slip.. stronger than porcelain at a reasonable cost for me to make.. Air dry slip is really nice.. but I have been wanting to take the next step into resin for awhile now. I dont want to have them reproduced in a factory.. I would much rather create them myself so I am hands on with each doll.
So now is the time to start my new resin line! I have started with the miniature bjds to get the feel for it myself.. which turns out that I love it!!! Its so strong and love the texture of the surface. It brings me back to my days of repaints I use to do.
The main thing is the strength though... as well as it being water proof. I will have different skin colors available and you will see many new dolls in the coming future... and another bonus is your order will be completed faster! I will try to show my progress with the new line as I work.. sometimes I get way into my work I forget to take pics.. lol so I will try this time to remember! (:

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