Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finally back to creating!

What a year this has been! I actually can't believe it's halfway over. This year has been nothing but changes. A lot has changed in my personal life... I have been thrown from left to right and up and down!... Finally.. FINALLY I am seeing clear skies.
I have just moved into my beautiful new home... I have finally unpacked all of my art studio supplies and am finally creating again. With the huge move I was doing... All I could do is create in my mind. I haven't had time to produce any art because my life changing move has been all time consuming. That is OK though! I am perfectly fine with me having to hold off on my art ...to get where I am now with my two kids.
The serenity I feel now is incomparable. I am truly grateful!
So now the real fun begins! I want to create really memorable dramatic pieces! I will be starting my 1:12 scale minis again and would like to have them available each week. I also want to create larger sculpts at least once to twice a month... And of course my Bjds which I have been discussing with my sister Shari about upcoming series! So hopefully you haven't forgotten about me! You will see a lot more of me in the near future! Personally it cannot be too soon for me! I am very excited! (:

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