Monday, June 23, 2014

Fourth of July Sale on Etsy! Special for my followers!

As I am prepping to move into my new home I have decided to give my followers a special on my Alice flowers that are completed plus my latest Mad Hatter! You just place in the code at the time of purchase and you get a wopping 50% off my already made flowers! You also get 20% off my current Mad Hatter! This deal only lasts through 4th of July ! So take advantage of it!
The 50% off coupon code for flowers is: 5012345
For the Mad Hatter 20% off Coupon the code is: 2012345
You place the code in at time of purchase and it will take off the percentage for you! Please note this is not for special orders, but for already made Alice flowers only. That goes for the Mad Hatter as well! Only the already completed Mad Hatter! Here are the links to the flowers and Mad Hatter:

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my art!!!

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