Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mermaid Series for BJD's! Sneak Peek!

My sister Shari has been inspired to create some fantasy costumes for my BJD's! They look so enchanting! 

Here is a sneak peak at her new One of a Kind Mermaid outfits especially made to fit
my girls!.
She will be posting a Queen Mermaid, Princess Mermaid and Little Princess Mermaid outfit in her Etsy Store today.
These designs will fit my 15 1/2 inch ball jointed doll and my 10 inch Whimsey or Miss Bliss doll.

Each design comes with a handmade mermaid wig, top, jewelry and of course an amazing mermaid tail and each are One of a Kind.. (-;

She  also has designed some really beautiful Art Nouveau furniture and fun displays for the Mermaids and a beautiful display case for your  dolls (-;  Each of these are One of a Kind.

She hopes to have all her pictures done today and listings in her Etsy store today ..So check back from time to time on her Etsy store! (-;

Here is the link to her store:
Etsy Store
Sneak peek of pics below!
On Another note... I am actually moving into a new home after close to 10 years...This will be a fresh start and new beginnings and I am truly excited to see my inspiration soar! I have to keep my creations on the more simple side at the moment because I have a lot of moving to do.. Goodness.. my supplies and work space go on forever it seems.. but as I pack, I am already getting ideas on what I am going to create in my new home! I am kind of jealous Shari can make such elaborate pieces right now!
With that being said... I HAVE to keep creating because I get very frazzled.. so you will be seeing Alice Flowers available soon and I am truly excited to share my new Alice Vignette "Painting the Roses Red".
Hopefully Sharing soon!!! 
Ok now please view these gorgeous mermaids below!

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