Friday, March 21, 2014

More pictures of 2014 Collection

Ok so I have taken some more pictures today and a group shot of the entire collection... I also want to explain some details about these new dolls!
First... the dolls in the Blissful Beauties collection measure 15 inches for the ladies and 10 inches for the little girls. The dolls in the Awakening the Whimsies collection measure 15.5 for Madame Whimsy and 11 inches for Lil Whim. Now... just so you know all of the bodies used in both collections are the exact same! Except Madame Whimsy has heeled feet (which you can switch to regular feet if you prefer) The reason for the height difference is because the Whimsies have a larger head which brings their height up a little. But I specifically wanted them to have the same body so you can change their clothing to each doll and it will fit exact. Each body is strung with elastic cord and have double joints at the knees, thighs and elbows. The dolls with eyes opened have hand painted glass eyes which really reflect light beautifully! All hands were hand sculpted. 
Although the heads were cast from my molds... I can and will change features on up coming dolls to achieve a specific look I am going for. I have for sale a special orders sales and a direct sale on Shari's Etsy shop. I will post links today.. or you can write me personally if you are interested in a certain doll!

15/15.5 inch doll prices $699.99 plus shipping
10/11 inch doll prices $649.99 plus shipping

Now.. I am sharing with you a more Whimsical Madame Whimsy... she was quite subdued yesterday in her photos so wanted to show you the type of look I had imagined for her! 

Email me if you are interested in a specific doll:

Below is a group shot of my collection!

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