Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Blissful Beauties & Awakening the Whimsies collection Debut!

I have spent all day taking pictures and still want to take a few tomorrow of the entire collection as a group! I will also be posting more details as it is getting late today but wanted to share photos as promised! So I guess I will start off with Lil' Whim from the Awakening the Whimsy collection! She is going to appear in a lot of different ideas I have set up for her! She is 11 inches tall and fully jointed... each doll is hand crafted.

I am now going to skip to the Blissful Beauties Collection now and share with you Blissful Nouveau... although she cannot captivate you with her eyes.. the emotion in her face speaks volumes! I chose to sculpt this particular head because of the old Mucha paintings which always show the woman's eyes cast downwards.  Her eyes are not completely shut .. if you look up into them you will see a slight hint of her eyes. I want to make future girls from this head with the eyes a little more open as well! (:

Now let me shift over to my exotic new girl.. Gypsy Bliss!  You will see this lady in many looks as well in the future! Miss Gypsy Bliss wants to show you how the new body poses as it stands!

Here is my Young Bliss! Her eyes are cast downwards as well... and was actually the inspiration of the "Blissful Beauties" Collection!

Now for Madame Whimsy!... she is going to be starring in my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Collection! She features arched feet and is about an inch taller then the other ladies!\

and last but not least.. another Young Miss Bliss! She has tiny teeth!

All the ladies are $699.99 plus shipping
The little girls are $649.99...
I will post more details tomorrow! (:

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