Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 ball jointed doll line debut!!!

What seems to feel like forever has finally come! Tomorrow I will be introducing 6 new ball jointed dolls!... 3 ~ little girls and 3 new bjd ladies with the brand new body! Not only are their 6 new heads... Within these dolls are 2 different styled themes! Four of the new girls ( 2 little girls and 2 ladies) are part of the new line I have named " Blissful Beauties".
The second theme (1 little girl and 1 lady)  I have named " Awakening the Whimsy". You will have a better understanding when photos are up!
I am finishing off the last of the wigs tonight and have a very busy day tomorrow which I expect will consist of a lot of picture taking! Don't be surprised if I get a little out of control with pictures! Lol
All will be for sale tomorrow and am taking special orders as I will be casting new dolls frequently!

I don't know what time exactly I will debut them but I am assuming in the later afternoon!
Excited to share!!!
Until tomorrow!!.... :-)

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  1. I am soo looking forward to seeing them!!! :)