Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 BJD lines coming soon!

In a matter of just a few weeks... I will be debuting 2 new bjd lines for 2014! I have created 6 new heads.. altered my Bella line body and transformed the new 15 inch body so she can pose is so many ways!
as you can imagine there are a lot of body parts to work on and that is why it is taking me so long... it seems never ending but the end product in my mind is so worth all of the hard work!
Once I complete these new lines and get them debuted.. I am going going to start on a new mini bjd 1:12 scale body!

I would also like to start on a new 10 inch size adult bjd and my ultimate goal is create a male bjd line! Yes I have a very busy year ahead of myself but am very excited about what will manifest from these ideas! I will keep posting updates and as it gets closer, will post the debut date! (:

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