Monday, November 4, 2013

Ball joint dolls 2013 and beyond

Well its getting near the holidays and soon will end 2013! I cannot believe how fast it has gone by!
These past two years have been really significant ... As I have ventured off in creating my own dolls.
I have looked through my past dolls... From the first made in polymer... Then onto my larger jointed dolls.
Some will always stand out to me as they are my favorites! I have created approx 20 bjds from my 15 inch line....and have been slowing down production as I have been creating a new body... New heads... New characters and storylines for my future girls!

One thing I will say is I am retiring the "Bella" head early. I have been sculpting several new heads for the Bella line! But the very first head will no longer be used in future creations of my little girls.

I will also have a new little girl line using the Bella body!

For my 15 inch girls.... The new body is now being made along with several new heads. The body is being tweaked ... Changing ever so slightly... But enough to improve posing, etc. No worries!!... Shari's clothing and furniture will still fit my older girls!

And yet another new girl is on its way! I dreamt of her and had to sketch her out right away! It will be all about the eyes with this one and she will measure along the lines of 17.5 inches tall.

With all of this being said... The new lines will not be available until early 2014..... And since I have so many new girls coming up.. My current 15 inch dolls will no longer be made after this year.  Because of this I will be creating my last limited number of bjd girls of 2013!
I don't know just yet how many specifically there will be... But I will tell you only a hand full will be made.
So be on the look out for my last dolls of 2013! I will be posting pictures of my previous dolls from this line soon!

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