Monday, August 19, 2013

More pics! Will be going on Ebay soon! Dollhouse size rococo bjd!!!

I finally finished taking pictures of Mini rococo with the tiny wardrobe Shari made ! She looks so adorable! Here you will see her sitting on a 1:12th scale dollhouse Sofa! She fits perfectly!  If she goes on Ebay.. she will be sold with the trunk and all 4 wigs! The wardrobe is sold altogether for only $110.00! More information about the creation process below pictures:.......

Here are their Ebay Links..

If you prefer to purchase direct sale I can pull the auction.

This little sweet mini is 1:12th scale and will fit perfect in a dollhouse!She is made from polymer clay.. and has double joints at her elbows and single joints at her knees. She started from a mold ( from my own original master mold) but then I resculpted areas of her body to give her her unique look. Her face was resculpted. She was hand painted and strung with elastic cord. Her ears are pierced.
If you are interested in the set (minus the wardrobe) The total is $550.00 ( plus shipping)... this is what you will get!
Mini BJD
4 handmade rococo wigs
Doll Trunk
Gold Magnetic wings
Ornate Trinket box
Tiny crying Charlotte doll.

The wardrobe is an additional $110.00 with no cost of shipping if you purchase the doll and trunk!
If you are interested in this set .. please email me before she is launched on Ebay!
For more information about Mini Alice.. I am updating the previous post.. so be sure to check that out! 

While working on my special orders... I managed to complete two new mini BJDs! Since I have created the mini bjds... I have been wanting to make an Alice when she became small! So here she is below! The beautiful tiny dress and stockings were handmade by Shari Depp! Dress sold separately! Details on pricing below! Alice measures approx 5.75 inches tall! She is for sale! 

   Now below Alice is a very special mini bjd! One that I have been dreaming of creating! I call her my rococo treasure trunk doll! I have named her this because  
She has wonderful pieces you can purchase for her! See her below Alice pictures! More pictures soon of her!

Alice is sold nude and comes with her blonde wig... Glass drink me bottle and tiny book box she will travel in. Her dress and stockings are sold seperately...  You can purchase her handmade dress and stockings/shoes...created by Shari Depp for $45.00!Shipping will be free if you purchase the dress with Alice!
Alice i at $449.99 plus shipping

Below is my rococo mini! Its just a sneak peek because I have to dress her in all of the lovely tiny pieces of clothing shari made! Details on pricing below her photos!

For my rococo mini.... She is sold nude and comes with one wig...and gold butterfly wings. She is priced at $449.99 plus shipping. she measures approx 5.5 inches tall . Each additional wig is $29.00. The treasure box is $49.99 and comes with ornate trinket box holding a tiny glass doll!
Or for only a $100.00 more you can purchase everything (except the wardrobe) for $550.00 plus shipping!
Entire wardrobe is only $110.00 (view new pics on newer post)

Please email me if you are interested in any of these pieces at


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