Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bella Line Debut!

Finally I have my new Bella line debut! After months of working on the main sculpture..tweaking the body parts so they pose smoothly... molding each part and then casting.. and then finally creating soulful little girl Bjds!

As mentioned previously.. I started creating my own doll first.. the entire line was inspired by my little girl, Bella. I am still working on my sister Shari's there will be clothing available soon! 

So now I have pictures to share! There is a new joint section added to this line which I will incorporate in my 15 inch lady bjds. In the pictures below, you will see the many posing possibilities!

The doll named "Bella" is not for sale... the other two, Abelone and Keoki are for sale.

I wanted to create the doll Kouki to specifically show how different the dolls can look with a little resculpting. I want to create many different looks for this doll line!

Details of  the dolls will be under the many pictures shown on this post!

Kouki is sold! Thank you!
Abelone is sold! Thank you!

Below is Abelone.. she comes with the red wig shown in pictures. she is sold Nude. Her eyes are a sparkling blue with umber surrounding the iris. As you can see she can pose wonderful in an Indian style pose!


Below is Kouki

Each little girl doll in the Bella line measures approximately 10.5 inches tall.
They are double jointed in the elbows, thigh and knees.
Each were casted in a very strong slip similar to stone clay.
Their insides were coated in resin for added strength.
Each set of hands were hand sculpted. They have glass eyes and were hand painted and hand resculpted for their own individual look. 
Their jointed are sueded and they are strung with steel springs and elastic.
Each little doll is sold nude and comes with a wig that can be changed for different looks! You can purchase wigs for your little girl!
Cost of each doll is $675.00 plus shipping.
If you are interested please email me at

Once I have more of my 15 inch ladies casted I will take pictures of the two together!

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