Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Mini BJD's available for sale!

Ok pictures are finally up and ready to view! There are 3 mini BJDs available... I will show you what they are sold with and then show you the sets that are available for sale separately.

 Each mini is sold for $449.99 plus shipping. Above each of the first pictures shown... lets you know what they come with...

Please note Pixie is sold along with the Tinkerbell set as Well as Babette and the Gothic Steampunk set! Thank you!!!

                               Saharrah is now sold! Thank you!

Below is Babette! She is a Mini Wind up mini... She comes with short curly wig, magnetic removable wind up key and removable magnetic butterfly wings...Jeweled seat and dome are not for sale.
Please note each mini is about 5.5 inches tall scaled for a 1:12th dollhouse!

Please meet Pixie! She comes with lovely blue iridescent wings and Blonde viscose wig.
Glass bubble not included.

Please meet Sahara! She comes with platinum silk wig and dragonfly wings!
Teacup not included.
The pictures below with show pictures of many different looks! I will list the price of each additional set above  their pictures.

Here are more pictures of Babette! I love her vintage look!

You can actually turn the Turn Key! It is removable so you can have her in different looks!

 Hand painted features...

Here are some more pictures of Pixie! Below you will see her as Tinkerbell!

Now here is Saharrah! She reminds me of a Pin up girl! Below you see her posed on 1:12 scale dollhouse furniture!

Saharrah has a sweet smile to show off her little teeth!

this is one of the sets that are available! This is my Gothic Steampunk set!You get the Magnetic Wings, Steampunk headdress and long black spiral curly wig. This set is $50.00 Babette is modeling this set! She is posed on a candle holder!


Tinkerbell Set


This set comes with blonde viscose wig, tiny sculpted shoes, pixie wings and leaf dress. This set is $50.00
Pixie is modeling this set!

These minis fit in a teacup!

She stood for me for a few minutes! I will have stands available in the future!

Saharrah is modeling the Golden Brunette Viscose wig and beautiful magnetic butterfly wings set! This set is $25.00

I love that these minis can be among jewelry boxes!
Please note this headdress below is not a part of this particular set.

Now Back to Babette! She is modeling my Mucha style set! This set comes with Headdress, Magnetic Stained glass wings and extra long Dreadlock wig covered in gold and silver cuffs! This set is $50.00Jewelry Box not included..


Lastly... Saharrah models just to show you these minis look wonderful on 1:12 scale furniture!
All wigs and wings are interchangeable... sets fit any BJD that I make. More details about the process below.

Each mini was created from my master mold I made from my mini prototype. I did this to insure that every mini BJD I make can fit in the same wigs and future clothing my Sister Shari Depp will be creating!
Each mini is made from a very durable polymer clay. Although they do come from mold... not one mini is exactly alike as I alter them a tiny bit each time.. keeping the size intact. The faces are altered to for different looks. All hands are sculpted without molds.
 Below are a few pictures of  my mini Jewel I had created a few weeks back. The new owner wanted her to have a harem look!
The doll below is SOLD
Please email me if you are interested in any of the sets or minis above. They are sold on a first come first serve basis.


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