Saturday, May 11, 2013

New pictures up on the New girls~!

I have finally been able to take more pictures of the new girls! I have names for them now as well....
You will first be viewing Vitoria... her look is very soft with pastel hues shadowing her eyes and lips. I wanted to emphasize how with different wigs.. you can have really different looks! She is now for sale.
   My Goth Vamp ~ Eventide~ is sold... but I have a lot of pictures to show of her!

 First let me share Vitoria!

Vitoria is for sale for $699.99 plus shipping.
she comes with the brunette wig shown in pictures. The other wigs shown are sold seperate.
She is sold nude. Details of the process in making my dolls are shown below Eventide's pictures...

Now... Here is Eventide... dressed in Rococo as well as Flapper!

Doll Process:
There are many different phases to create my 15 inch ball jointed dolls...
I wont go through every single phase but will give you a basic rundown so you know.
Each doll part is casted from my own molds created from my master sculpt BJD. All except for the hands which are hand sculpted each time a doll is made. 
Each part goes through a process to strengthen each piece. Every part of the body is sanded and buffed. The insides of each piece is sealed with resin. I suede the limbs with suede which helps hold their pose. each doll is strung with steel springs and elastic cording. The heads alone are customized to suit their own character... all are hand painted and blushed then sealed several times.
I use an air dry slip which to me, is similar to La Doll clay.
I am constantly  trying to find new ways to make my dolls the strongest they can be ... I feel I am never satisfied.... which although frustrating to me..LOL is good for the future of my BJD collection.
As far as sister Shari has been a wonderful tester for the strength of my dolls.She uses her BJD doll as a model for making clothing.. so her doll "works" . she has dropped her many a time and her Gladriella has been a testament to strength... and even with that being said.. I am still trying to make them even stronger. 
I am also going to be trying out new joint systems to bring more versatility to the poses. 

I hope to use the new joint system with my Bella line coming out soon! (10 inch little girl doll)

If you have any questions on special order please feel free to me at


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