Monday, April 15, 2013

BJD's, Minis.. Special Orders and New ideas!

I first wanted to mention I am making progress on all of my special order those of you that have special orders with me..know your dolls are getting my attention! (: I work on them each day to make progress in their completion.

With that being said,  my mind whirls with new ideas all of the time... especially at night when everything is quiet and calm and I am resting from the day's work. Some ideas are so strong..I have to start on them right away ... and some don't come to life so quickly.. sometimes not for years!

Well.... I have had some recent ideas that I have had to act on of them you know... my new Mini BJd's .....with just that subject alone has sparked projects that will keep me busy for months!
 BUT..... There is yet another avenue I  had to try to appease my creative urge... and that is my new line of minis... which I call  "Teaspoon Minis"!
These miniature sculpts are small enough to fit on a teaspoon! They can consist of fairies, mermaids, or just mini pin ups!
  I just think it is fascinating to see such tiny creatures that you can only really understand how small they are until you place them next to or on something to compare their tiny size to!

I have created my first two Teaspoon Minis and will be sharing them here very soon! (Hopefully tomorrow!)

Hopefully after I complete my special orders and planned projects.. I can work on finishing my 10 inch little girl BJD! (: 

Upcoming pieces that will be available for sale:

Two New 15 inch Ball Jointed dolls

Two New Mini BJD's

Debut of two Teaspoon Minis!

Stay Tuned!

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