Friday, March 1, 2013

What I have been doing these past weeks! (:

I had wanted to place at least 3 dolls up for sale each month.. but I have gotten a little behind so I am late with my intentions. Ahhh but there is a reason! First I have had special orders so that always puts me a little behind... and I have refreshed my molds a little as they were getting a tad used. 
Along with my special orders I have been working on 3 new girls... and so happy to annouce that one of them is "Alice in Wonderland!" Sighhh my favorite fairy tale of all time.. (as some of you might know already. (:
There is an extra excitement about this particular Alice! My sister Shari has been making furniture and clothing for this Alice! If you dont know me by now.. I will tell you I want to keep all of it for my own collection! LOL 
Also... these next 3 dolls are featuring my new glass eyes effect!... as well as Alice having little teeth! I was just speaking to my sister yesterday, and she mentioned to me what she and her hubby are making for this Alice.. and all I am going to say is I better get one myself! LOL

... Now for another bit of news!  I am planning on making a little girl BJD! As you might know, my very first try at creating a BJD was a little girl doll.. which of course had to be Alice. (: I still have her in my curio to this day. I cherish her .. not only because she is Alice.. but because she represents to me the start of creating my own dolls.
   I had planned on molding her for my newest line... but after thinking about it for awhile... I didnt want her ruined by the molding process. So I have decided to create a doll from scratch once again. She will be to scale with my 15 inch Shrey line and will be scaled after a 10year old girl. 
    This time I am creating her with the inspiration of my daughter "Bella". She is my little Alice after all!... so my new line of little girl BJDS will be called the "Bella line". The doll will be approx. 10 inches tall.

     The sculpting process is quite time consuming so I am sure it will be severall months before I can get to her molding process... but I just wanted to share as I am very inspired and excited by this new line!
  For those of you that havent seen my very first BJD... I have posted a picture below. 

And this a picture of my beautiful Bella! (: 

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