Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sneak Peek of New collection!.. Just a peek! (:

Well .. finally I am able to show something of what we have been working on!This is not everything but it gives you an idea of the collection! .  My 15 inch Alice is not shown in these pictures... but of my little 10 inch Alice that is not for sale.. but I am working on my Bella line which gives you an idea of the size comparison for the 15 inch props!
Also.. I have two other dolls I am sharing with you.. The Vampire is only a tiny sneak peek as I havent finished her pictures yet. She comes with a long platinum wig or a long black wig which is not shown in these particular pictures. Andromeda.. my Pre raphaelite inspired girl comes with the brunette wig shown. 
Moon Prop is handmade by Shari and Richard Depp and is for sale!
 Let me start off by sharing with you our Alice in Wonderland Collection.. Sneak peek.. mind you!! (:
The picture above gives you a little taste of what you can expect to see,... and much more! (: 
The Caterpillar is jointed! He comes with his Hookah!

I want to keep my white rabbit! He measures approx.9 inches tall and is jointed in the arms, leg and head! He has glass like eyes!

There are 4 Flowers with sculpted faces available for sale! Each one is approx 18 inches tall!

The Cheshire Cat is quite large! he has been furred and hand painted and has glass like eyes! The tree he sits on is also available for sale!

My Goofy Mad Hatter sits on a stack of books!

The white rabbit stands on his own!

Tomorrow I will debut my 15 inch Alice! The tea party set was handmade by Shari and Richard Depp and is available for sale!

More pictures tomorrow! Room boxes that give the illusion Alice is growing and drinking!!!

Now here is my Pre Raph Beauty I named Andromeda.
Shari handmade her gorgeous clothing!

More detailed pictures of this gorgeous handmade throne a little later!

Andromeda has intense green glass like eyes!

And just a wee peek at my Latest Vampire.. shown in these pics in a rococo Gothic gown!

Please note this is not the wig she comes with.. this is just shown for the pictures to show off this gorgeous gown! (:

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