Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enter the world of Wonderland!

As promised I am going to take you to Wonderland!  Sharing with you a gallery of pictures that will take you into different scenes down the rabbit hole! Almost everything you see in these pictures are for sale.. they can be sold directly or I will place them on Etsy! Shari already has her items on Etsy so go view her Etsy store!
 Prices will be shown below pictures!

NOTE: I just Opened an Etsy shop and you can view my listings to the left <<~~~~~!
The White Rabbit is going to start you off on your adventure!
He is Approx 9 inches high including his ears and is jointed at the arms legs and head! He can sit or stand on his own! He comes with his blue vest and red heart costume  which was handmade by Shari Depp ....along with his glasses!
The Rabbit is $495.00 plus shipping
Books and Base are sold in Shari's Etsy store!

Ahhh Alice! When creating her I wanted her to have an essence of what I feel Alice is.. Her eyes are white open with wonder and she has tiny hand sculpted teeth! She comes with her blonde wig which is removable and is 15 inches tall and is fully jointed. Her eyes have a glass eye effect!
Her hands are hand sculpted and her right hand is posed to hold a glass bottle.
She is sold Nude for $699.99 plus shipping.
All her dress are for sale on Shari's Etsy store!

The Beautiful Red Alice chair was hand made by Shari and Richard Depp and is sold on Shari's Etsy store!

Does the White Rabbit look adorable in his costume!? You will see him peeking about in many pictures!

Down The Rabbit Hole:

Uh Oh! Alice is too large for the door! 

She knows she has to drink the bottle to fit!

               Uh Ohhh! She is growing larger.. NOT   Smaller!

This beautiful Box is hand made by Shari and Richard Depp! It is made to fit 15 to 17 inch Fashion dolls to give the illusion she has grown too large for the room. It is for sale on Shari's Etsy store!
The Cheshire cat was hand sculpted by me and furred with faux fur. His tail is able to be posed.. he is not jointed anywhere else. He is for sale at $375.00 plus shipping....and measures approx 7x4 inches tall. 

Venturing through Wonderland!

Meeting the Cheshire Cat!
In this scene Alice meets the Cheshire Cat!
The Cheshire Cat sits beautifully in a large handmade tree that measures approx 24 inches tall! it stands on a base of moss . The Tree is $150.00 plus shipping and is specially made so the Cheshire cat has a place to sit!

The Checkered base in the picture above is seperate and is for sale in Shari's Etsy shop!

Meeting the Caterpillar

Alice Meets the Caterpillar! He was inspired by the Tim Burton movie! He is a One of a Kind and fully hand sculpted. He is jointed in two places so you can position him a little different when posing. He comes with his Hookah . The Mushroom base he sits on for pictures is sold in Shari's Etsy shop.
The Caterpillar is for sale for $299.99 plus shipping and measures approx. 8x6.5 inches tall

Through the Flower Garden...

There has been so much work that went into each and every piece in this Alice collection... but as you can see you can have many scenes that take you to Wonderland!
Alice is wearing another beautiful dress handmade by Shari Depp. She fits in the flower garden beautifully! 

Curtsy while your think... it saves time! (:

There are 4 different flowers available in this collection. Each one is made starting with a faux flower... which then I altered and sculpted a face with different characters! They all stand on a base covered in moss and each one can be posed a little different my bending their stems.

The Cheshire cat borrowed the Mad Hatter's hat in the picture above!

The purple flower measures approx. 18.5 inches tall

The red flower measures approx 19 inches tall

The Grumpy blue flower measures approx 18 inches tall

The yellow Dainty flower measures approx. 17 inches tall. size can very depending on how you position each flower.

Another beautiful dress handmade by Shari shown in her Etsy shop!

The Tea Party!

The Mad Tea Party! Everything is for sale in this scene except the March Hare beany...  and the Dormouse( I didnt have time to make a March Hare but after creating the white Rabbit I would love to!

My Goofy Mad Hatter was hand sculpted by me. He is a One of a Kind.....He measures approx. 9.5 inches tall. He sits permanantely on the stack of books. He has glass eyes. He is for sale for only $249.99 plus shipping

I need to make myself a White Rabbit! (:

So I hope you enjoyed our collection! Feel free to write me with any enquiries!
Here is a Summary of pricing and sizing information for each piece. Please note this is for only my pieces.. if you want to know details and pricings for the items Shari has made... please visit her Etsy shop!
15 inch Ball jointed doll casted from an air dry slip. Resculpted mouth and eyes. Glass like eyes.. featuring teeth!
Body hand painted. Double jointed.
Limbs sueded. Strung with springs and elastic.
Sold nude .. comes with blonde wig which is removable.
Hand signed into her body.
Selling for $699.99 plus shipping.

Mad Hatter:
Hand Sculpted One of a Kind. No molds used.
sits on a stack of sculpted books.
Holds tea pot and cup
Featuring Glass eyes.
Measures approx.9.5 inches tall. 
For sale: $249.99 plus shipping

Hand sculpted.
One of a Kind
Jointed in two places.
Glass like eyes.
Hand painted.
No molds used.
Strung with Elastic.
Comes with Hookah
Measures approx. 8 L x 6.5 inches H
For sale: $299.99

The White Rabbit
Hand sculpted
No Molds Used
One of a Kind
(will make special orders)
Hand furred with faux hair.
Sculpted ears.
Jointed in arms, legs and head.
Strung with Elastic
Measures approx. 9 inches tall including ears.
Comes with handmade blue vest and heart costume handmade by Shari Depp
Also included are his glasses!
For sale: $495.00 plus shipping

The Cheshire Cat:
Hand sculpted
Hand furred with faux hair . hand painted.
Glass eyes effect.
Posing tail!
Measures approx 7 inches long by 4 inches High.
For sale: $375.00 plus shipping


Handmade using faux leaves and branches.
hand sculpted tree trunk covered in floral tape then sealed.
Stands on base covered in moss.
Special branch in tree holds Cheshire Cat!
Measures approx. 24 inches tall
For sale $150.00 plus shipping

Faux flowers with Hand sculpted faces. Each has base covered in moss.
For sale: $49.00 plus shipping
Yellow flower: 17 inches
Red Flower: 19 inches
Purple flower: 18.5 inches
Blue flower 17 inches

I will combine shipping! 
Please email me if interested!
Thank you! 

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