Monday, February 4, 2013

Updates on upcoming dolls and very special sculpts!

I have been working on many projects during the course of these past weeks. As you know I have been creating a lot of minis while I work on my next BJD's.
   I have become extremely inspired this year and have so many ideas they are over flowing in my mind! Today I have two minis available for sale...I love creating these as they are so tiny! You can create an entire scene in such a small space!
 With that being said... I am creating a detailed vignette of minis! I have already started this project and hope to have it completed by weeks end.
  There will be a main piece that will include several pieces... but there will also be some other minis that you can buy seperate from the main vignette! All together it will create a beautiful vignette that will be total eye candy! I cannot wait to share with you!
Now here is a peek at my latest minis... both mermaids! I am showing you a picture of them both in the same frame... so you can see how they look together! Each one is sold seperate and their links are below the picture:
Here is the Harp Siren's link:
and here is the Link to the Vixen Sea Siren Mermaid!

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