Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sneak Peek at my latest girls of 2013!

Sneak Peek! yeah!!!!! Im sharing a sneak peek because I have to charge my camera battery! LOL I have been playing all day and still not done! But thought I could at least share some sneak peeks!  So the First... lets go with my Mucha Nouveau girl... I havent named the girls yet!
I love this one because she is so beautiful to me! Shari made me this gorgeous mucha stand for my girls... I HIGHLY recommend getting one as it makes it so easy to pose! Shari has made all the clothes and they will be for sale on Etsy as soon I as I am done with pictures!
Now for the next two which has been so fun to photograph!  Here is my Victorian Steampunk girl and my Franken Punk Girl! I havent named them yet so I am just using nicknames in this post!
All clothes and Time Machine/Life Generator are for sale!

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