Monday, December 3, 2012

Dolls, dolls dolls!

Finally.. I have all the pictures done so now for the fun part... sharing! Im going to start off with Noemie first... She is a beautiful Rococo girl with dark brown eyes and a slight smile to her lips.... She comes with the white wig with tendrils. The pink and red wig are sold seperately. Her clothing was hand made by Shari Depp. They are for sale! NOEMIE SOLD!
Noemi is wearing a beautiful lingerie set hand made by Shari Depp. Her pink wig is hand made by me. A bird cage is centered in her rococo wig surrounded by pink mohair. Tendrils fall all along her face and neck.
This wig is not included with noemie but is sold seperate for $99.00

Hand made bed create by Shari Depp is not for sale. To view what is for sale click onto her etsy shop on the upper left link shown on this page!

Her mask is handmade and fits on the doll's face without having to tie it around the head! This particular mask was hand painted and adorned with beautiful glitter and tiny curly feathers.
This mask is $25.00
Noemie is wearing another hand made dress by Shari Depp. In these pictures.. Noemie is wearing the wig she comes with upon purchase.

Mask dress and tiara hand made by Shari Depp. For Sale.
White wig included with Noemie.

Noemie is wearing a beautiful red rococo style wig! Hand made by me .. created from mohair.
Wig for sale seperately for $65.00

Hand made swing created by Shari Depp. Sold seperately.

All of my dolls are hand made/casted by me.They are created with a strong air dry slip. Each doll measures 15 inches tall. They are double jointed in the elbows and knees.
Most of my dolls are one of a kind unless otherwise stated. All 4 of my girls in this set are One of a Kinds.Their slip has been custom dyed to bring out their skin color.
Each doll has been strung with steel springs and elastic cord. Noemie is sold NUDE and comes with the white wig shown in pictures above. The red and Pink wig are sold seperate as well as the clothing.
Each doll including Noemie are $699.00 plus shipping.
Now For Isabelle!
Just a wee note.. Isabelle IS SOLD as well as her Ship wig shown on her in her pictures.
Gorgeous dress hand made by Shari Depp
Mask was hand made by me and is worn without having to tie it to the head. Mask for sale at $25.00

Wig shown in the picture above and below is included with Isabelle upon her purchase.

Black wig sold seperate. Fits any of my 15 inch Ball jointed dolls. Price $65.00

Now for my Bollywood style girls! LOOVED using the hand made props Shari made for my girls! props are for sale.
Please Note Ayesha is already sold... but Teja is available. Teja  is sold with Burgundy wig.
Teja's skin was custom dyed. Her body has been blushed and brushed with soft shimmer to make her skin look as if it glistens.
Her eyes are hand painted a beautiful blue.She comes with the wig shown above.
Clothes and props and dreadlock wig are sold seperately.

Beautiful gown and headdress hand made by Shari Depp. For Sale

Teja's face was altered to give her teeth! Her nose and eyes were resculpted.

Dread Lock wig is sold seperate for $40.00

Teja and Ayesha Have henna art applied to their body. All have been sealed.

Last but Not least... here is Ayesha! She is already sold. She comes with long black wig and removable nose ring with chain.
Ayesha was also custom dyed so her skin color is truly unique. She has hand painted
blue eyes and her body shimmers with a glistening glow. Clothing and props are not included.
Props and clothing hand made by Shari Depp

Above picture are the props used in he pictures. They are fr sale by Shari Depp.
If you are interested in the two dolls available for sale.. Noemie and Teja... please email me. Dolls are available on a first come first serve basis. Email :
Again... all of my dolls ate hand made , hand painted, hand strung by me.  Each doll is strung with steel springs and elastic cord. Each of their limb are sueded.All paint is thoroughly sealed with UV sealers.Each set of hands for my dolls are hand sculpted with polymer clay for strength and custom character. So all hands are one of a kind.
Nude dolls come with one wig for $699.00 plus shipping. Additional wigs, clothing and props are sold seperately.
Each doll has been hand signed (hand carved and dated)
ll wigs are hand made by me as well.

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