Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pics are now up!

I have been taking pictures all day long... finally have some to share with you!
All three are for sale.. First... I introduce Aurora ! A very natural beauty with dark brown eyes and freckles on her face and throughout her body. Her hands were hand sculpted. Her gorgeous lingerie she is wearing is made by Shari Depp and is for sale!  She comes with her long auburn hair adorned with gold and silver cuffs.

Next is on of my favorites! perfect time and truly inspired by the spirit of Hallow's Eve!
My Ghost!

"Mysty Spirit" is what my daughter named her..... (: I titled her pictures "breathless"
This doll is so haunting! I just really really love her! her eyes glow! Her skin is a beautiful blue/gray.
The stunning hand made dress is made by my sister Shari Depp. The chains are included with the dress! it is perfect for her! I hand sculpted her hands. One hand actually holds the chains!
Last but not least... my 4th Vampire in the series.. Poison!

Poison's hands were hand sculpted. I wanted her hands to be very expressive! Her eyes are hand painted a purple hue. She has fang protruding from her lips.
She comes with the black mohair with that is adorned with silver cuffs and skulls!
The fabulous dress was hand made by my sister Shari Depp!
I will be taking more pictures later of all three of these girls...but wanted to share the first set!
Each doll is sold nude and comes with one wig.
Dresses and extra wigs are sold seperate.
Each doll has been hand signed by me .. engraving it into each of their heads and dated.
They are 15 inches tall and fully jointed. They are double jointed in the elbows and knees for wonderful posing ability.
They are strung with steel springs and elastic cord.
their bodies were shaded and highlighted and sealed for protection. Their face was hand painted.
Each doll is sold with a COA.
Price for each doll sold nude is $699.99 plus shipping.
All of my dolls are cast by my hand sculpted prototype mold and hand made.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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