Sunday, October 7, 2012

Launching of my new dolls... Twin Vampires!

I have taken my time placing these two girls on... I have had so much fun creating them... I want to keep them for myself! LOL These twins are 15 inches tall. When I say twins.. I mean twins.. they were created the exact same time. When I painted their faces... I painted each section together. Their bodies were prepped at the same time... they were put together at the same time as well!
More information about these beauties tomorrow.. and a lot more pictures! I have them dressed in several different outfits.. here is just a sneak peek!


Pricing for the twins:
$1499.99 for both dolls sold NUDE including white wigs and COA
Double coffin is priced at $165.00
(prices do not include shipping)
Clothes and red wigs sold seperate. More clothing and pictures of coffin chairs will be shown tomorrow!
enquire if interested

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  1. Whoa, they look beautiful – haunting but beautiful! There’s something so mysterious about their eyes and how they look! They’d make perfect displays for Halloween! That got me thinking, maybe you can make goth dolls too!