Monday, October 8, 2012

Additional pictures of twins .. auction starts this evening!

Well I have a lot of pictures! I cant help it! LOL I also named them...Ayla (meaning Moonlight Halo) and Ambrosia (meaning Immortal)
Their auction will be up this evening! Most pictures will be shown here....
The clothing was made by Shari Depp. The coffin chairs were also made by Shari Depp!

Their hands were hand sculpted and NOT casted from a mold...

 You can click onto the smaller pics to view them in a larger state...



      Its hard to show on pictures... but throughout their body they have delicate veins running throughout their arms, torso , legs and hands.

Their eyes were delicately hand painted  at the same time.. I would go back and forth on each step so they are truely twins....


The black dress is creating a more blueish cast to the skin than it really is. Please note the color of their skin is truer shown in the white gowns.

 The clothing has all been handmade... and although they do not come with clothing upon their purchase.. you can purchase them seperately! My sister Shari created each outfit similar to each other giving them a little bit of a difference so they can have their own look but still look similar.

 Ayla (Shown above)  and Ambrosia both have delicate fangs protruding from their lips.

Amrosia (above) Is wearing a black tied up corset made by Shari Depp

Both of the twins have pierced ears!

Click to view larger images below

Each doll was created from air dry slip cast which was hand dyed to give off their grayish blue skin tone.
Their hands were hand sculpted in a strong polymer clay without the use of molds.
The slip cast material is similar to paper clay such as Premier or La Doll.
I have sealed each part of the body several time to protect the surface from the elements.
Each girl was strung with steel springs and elastic. Each limb was sueded to protect the joints from rubbing.
All paint was sealed several times with a high quality matte sealer.
The twins are sold nude and comes with the white wigs shown.
The coffin is priced at $165.00 and two 15 inch dolls can fit inside.The glass top was hand painted.
The red wigs are sold seperately.
If you are interested in the handmade coffin chairs or clothing.. please email shari depp at
if you are interested in Ayla and Ambrosia.. please email me at

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