Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finally a peek at my new girls today!

It seems like forever since I posted that I was going to share my girls soon! I have been working so much on these girls.. PLUS new ones! I am so inspired I have several projects going on at one time! (: But today is the day where you will see Vampira and my latest girl whom I call "Beauty" for now. These will just be pre pictures as I have to suede Beauty and finish Vampira's coffin.

 I made a lot of wigs this week! As mentioned before a wig is included with each doll and the other wigs are available for purchase! I have some unique colored wigs available cannot wait to share with you!
As I work on my dolls I am becoming more and more familiar with the materials I am using..  I cannot wait till it becomes second skin to me!

I mentioned above I have several projects in the works.... there is a very special project I am doing that includes two dolls! I am so obsessed with bringing this vision I have of them to life... this was why I was a little late in sharing pictures of Vampire and Beauty this week. (:
So be on the look out! Pre pics will be up today!!

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