Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doll Photoshoot!

(Bathtub above is not for sale)
I had my sister Shari visit me this weekend so she could pick up her doll aka "Model ~ I made for her! See pictures below Vampira!
 Shari brought up some of her furniture she made for the dolls and some lovely clothing!
I was also able to take pictures of Issabou sitting at the vanity she made and dress her in the beautiful nightgown as well! Vanity set, Bed, Swing, throne, ruffled nightgown, corset set shown on Gabriella and black gown all for sale! Email sharidepp@cox.net for pricing!

                               Issabou looks so beautiful in the 30's style wig in this setting!

                                                              Now for the pictures! (:

Here's Vampira modeling the gorgeous black gown and sitting on her Throne!
 I was able to take pictures of Vampira in a gorgeous Coffin shaped throne Shari made and the stunning black gown! The gown shows off the figure beautifully! I have added some pictures of Vampira in it. The dress and throne chairs are available for sale.

and now for Gabriella!
I am sharing picture of my sister's doll she named Gabriella .. I gave her the long golden blonde wig to go with her. She is posed on the beautiful swing and the stunning bed that was both handmade by Shari! The corset set she is wearing is also available for sale!
 if you are interested in any details about the furniture you can email Shari at sharidepp@cox.net


Please note Issabou is a Limited Edition doll. Although the first Issabou is sold.. you can order one like her .. she is limited so email me at jd.jennifersutherland@gmail.com  if you have any enquiries.
Thanks so much! 

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