Monday, August 6, 2012

Sneak peek at my New Ball Jointe doll! ... Please meet Cosette!

Finally after many months of hard work and planning... I am able to share with you my first casted ball jointed doll ! As many of you know I have created ball jointed dolls in the past from Polymer clay.. which I looovee, by the way.. but the only down fall to that is that each one is created as a One of a Kind. Their sizes were not exactly the same. That is wonderful in it's own right but has limited me to creating many different looks from one doll without making the doll too pricey.
Every time I created a Ball jointed doll I had to force myself to stop making things for her! I could have gone on and on and on.. well you get the idea. (:
  I will give more details as I go on.. but wanted to share with you my first doll from my prototype!
She is Rococo inspired.. and full of drama! please meet Cosette!:

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