Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New LE BJD for sale.. Viola.. the Silent Screen Starlet!

I have just completed my 20's inspired Ball jointed doll! Her name is Viola.. I have fallin in love with her versatile look! She is sold nude and comes with either the Platinum Short wig or Burgundy Boho wig.. your choice!
Price $699.99 plus shipping
I have decided to create Viola as an OOAK.. which means I will not paint another one like her exactly the same.... She was hand painted with hand painted eyes. She is
15 inches tall and is
Double jointed in her elbows and knees. She has a
Combination of
Springs and elastic. She has been sueded near all of her joints. Viola fits in the same wigs and clothing as Cosette! As the weeks pass you will see many different looks from my new
Email if you are interested in Viola! First come, first serve!

Here she is in her platinum wig! So flapper girl!

Each one of the dresses was handmade by my sister Shari. absolutely gorgeous!

Here she is modeling with Cosette (Cosette is sold) These two are from the same mold.. I love how different they look!

and her is Viola in long hair.. she reminds me of Venus in this picture!

I love her pose here!

You can tell a story with her pose!

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