Friday, August 24, 2012

Dolls and Sculptures in the works!

Just a wee update! I have been so busy lately because I have had a lot of ideas whirling around my head that I want to create! So to give you an idea of whats coming.... here is the break down:
In Ball jointed doll land: I am working on a ball jointed doll I have been wanting to do for months now.. but thought I would wait until I could cast her in a 15 inch body.

     I have several series I am planning to create... and one of them is a Vampire series! My first Vampire will be available in the next coming days! She is in the sueding process now!

   I am collaborating with my sister Shari Depp on a ward drobe you will be able to purchase seperately! I am trying to finish her model at the same time as my Vampire so she can show you her designs and inspirations for my girls!

Please note this is just the beginning! You are viewing my doll line in it's infancy! I want to improve on every doll I create.. I will be experimenting with different mediums and sculpting new hands and feet and even different heads in the future!

In addition.. I want to make a male doll as well to fit within this line. I have so many ideas!!

If you have any enquiries just email me!

OOAK Sculptures
In the meantime in between my dolls... I have been able to start on two new projects!
One is a mermaid in a larger scale then my minis! She is near completion and will post within the week.. but before she posts I have a new Alice in Wnderland piece I have been wanting to create for years now and have finally gotten around to doing it! I hope to have her up for auction in the next day or two! She measures approx 10 inches tall if she stood! I cannot wait to share! All I can say is this is the inspiration:
You will be hearing from me soon!!!

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