Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doll update! ... Vampire series and more!

Ahhh Thursday already! Nice to know the week is almost over! I am almost done with my vampire.. very first in the series.. very excited about this series!!! (: (:
she probably would have been done by now... BUT I decided after looking into her eyes.. she was "souless" and noooo not because she is a vampire! LOL But because I was just not getting anything from looking into her eyes. I played around with her paint a bit... and finally decided.. thats it! I am making another head! so glad I did because I really love this new head! She is beautiful.. soft yet dangerous! Her skin glistens.. I just love that! (: I also made new hands,... so she is featuring the new hand sculpt! I am just making new wigs right now and will be debuting her in a few days!

I am waiting for supplies to arrive in which I will start on some new girls right away! I love making dolls!! The reward is when I do their photoshoot and they strike a pose for me! (:

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