Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cosette For sale! More pictures and how versatile she is!

Well I took more pictures of Cosette today! She is so very photogenic! I wish I had more wigs to try on her... but only had one extra wig for her shoot.
Here is a picture of her in the Rococo wig she comes with. She is sold nude and comes with one wig. You can purchase extra wigs if you like!

   Now to answer questions of what my new dolls are made of.... This new line of dolls base body is made from air dry slip. Which is very similar to a paper clay. It is biodegradable and does not leave any "footprints" on the Earth. It is also stronger then porcelain!
I must say my dolls are not just made and created with air dry slip... I have been working on some mixed media to achieve the look I am searching for. .... and that is... VINTAGE! (: I want my dolls to have a vintage feel to them.. and I think I have achieved that with my method. I am still working on making my dolls better and better and probably will not stop that ever.
My line of dolls which I have named "Sharay" are all 15 inches tall. Double jointed and each one.. although casted from a master mold are One of a Kind in their own right as each one is hand painted and tweeked just for their very own look.
You will be seeing many different ladies in my line in the upcoming future! I am very excited about this!
Oh! My Sharay line is spring with a combination of spring mechanism and elastic cording. All joints are protected with suede lining.
I have much more to say but am so excited to share more pics of Cosette!

These first pics are of Cosette in a Rococo style....

Now here is Cosette as a Roaring 20's Flapper!

For My basic Nude dolls from the Sharay line... is $699.99 plus shipping.
You will receive one wig and a Certificate of authenticity.
If you are interested in Cosette.. please email me at
First come first serve!
Enquiries about wigs and clothing.. please email me! in the coming weeks we will have a boutique up and running with different clothing, wigs and furniture that will fit this line of dolls! (:


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