Monday, February 13, 2012

New doll almost complete!

I am so happy with how my latest girl is turning out!  She is near completion and it's so satisfying when a piece you have been envisioning and working on for awhile comes into fruition! By creating these dolls I have found out some things about myself I didnt know.. I LOVE making wigs! Especially elaborate ones! I never knew that about myself ! (:
I am also working on an idea with my sister Shari Depp. She has always made me corsets for my fashion dolls... so we are going in together where she will be making the base corsets and I will embellish on them for what I need. In the future she will be making more corsets to sell seperately for my girls. (:
Ok.. goin to finish up on this beauty! Cannot wait to share!!!! (:

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