Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update on my dolls and creations!

I am still running in slow motion physically...but with ideas just swirling in my head. I have been so tired lately.. but trying to fight through the fatique. I had plans for my Ball jointed doll to be completed before December.. but it's just not going to happen. so I plan to have her complete for the New year... which actually is more appropriate for this special doll! You will know why once you see her!
 I surely do not want to rush my creations because I feel this will hinder the outcome of my vision.

I do plan to finish my collaboration doll that I am working on with my sister Shari! She is quite appropriate for the Christmas season so hope to have her completed by the first week of December.
I also have in the works a couple of mermaids for the season as well! I plan to sell them on a BIN on Ebay. I will send out more information about these pieces as it gets closer to their debut. (:

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